Educationista Exhibitions


EDUCATIONISTA conducts exhibitions in 2 segments :

PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOLS EXHIBITION in which Internationals Schools, Residential (Boarding) Schools, Day Schools & Pre-Schools participates. Residential schools from UK & US in addition to Top boarding schools, Day schools & pre-Schools of India are part of Educationista Exhibitions. The season for schools exhibition is from NOVEMBER to FEBRUARY as that’s the prime time for school admissions.

DISTINCT CAREER SEGMENTS in which the most prestigious institutes participate who have expanded the universe of education in current and future times by aligning courses that are different and not so much known but prospective and attract the new age youth. It also provides clarity & exposure to the students about various career options. India’s finest Institutes as well as International Institutions have been part of EDUCATIONISTA in the previous editions. Institutes providing courses in Jewelry Designing, Fashion Designing, Design, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Mass Media, Journalism, Film Making, Sound Engineering are the major segments of distinct careers. The season for CAREER exhibition is from APRIL to JUNE as that’s the prime time for career admissions.

Pawan Shankar, MD Educationista got the Bharat Excellence Award 2016 for contribution in Education sector and his firm EDUCATIONISTA got Indian Excellence Award 2016 for fastest growing exhibition company of India in education sector primarily for provided organized platform for Boarding Schools of India and popularizing distinct careers in India.

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