Wondering if your Child is in the best school in the Country?

What is it that parents want primarily best for their children?
The first thing that comes to your mind is the “School”.
Now how do you know if the school that your child is in already is the best for their nurturing?
How to

Each child comes along a different gamble with oneself and classmates on coping with the boards and the syllabus they are studying in. Individual IQ level differs from one child to another, so is the decision making for parents with unique core values of their own.

Some parents will want to have the best of outdoor infusion with academics were in some parents would just want to focus on academics assuming sports and extra curium will do bad then good.

Different boards and study patterns, eventually makes a parent lose focus on the child’s strength and interest. Parents thus end up taking admissions in school where their neighbours child or the couple who they look upto, thus the essence of the child growing and nurturing into value added adult is completely lost.

Now is the time to go back and rectify if the mistakes have been made. We all want a happy and motivated children going into successful careers and not a broken adult with basic schooling that hasn’t done much.

Times Prestigious school Exhibition is adding its core value to bridge the gap between the parents and the schools. They have been extensively working towards trying to get the best schools on board and understand the new teaching methodology that modern schools are now incorporating. TPSE has school admission fairs across India in 8 states and a total of 15 Exhibitions this year around.

We will be happy to welcome schools and parents to come and add  much needed insight for the generation to flourish with new ideas and innovation through processes through Practice, study and Right School for each of them.

For more details visit www.educationistaindia.com or connect on +91 96197 80555


Author: Educationista India

Educationista Exhibition works towards bringing Schools, Institutes & Parents on one platform.

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